Farm History

Spruce Run Farm was established in the mid 1980’s by John and Nancy Crissman, as a wildlife rehabilitation center, eventually developing into a White-tailed deer breeding farm in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. This 60-acre farm is nestled in amongst roughly 4,500 acres of PA State game lands in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

The first critter to call Spruce Run Farm its home was Mickey a baby orphaned Racoon. Followed by a white tail deer named Arc and many other types of small critters ranging from squirrels to various species of birds, all brought in by the Pennsylvania State Game commission and people wanting to help these injured animals. Arc arrived as a baby who was hit by a car and was suspected of having a broken pelvis. It was this animal that fueled the love for Whitetail deer and the farm grew to about 114 deer in total. Over the years these beautiful animals were used in educational programs at Camp Victory, Spruce Run Outpost/College settlement camp, various schools and could also been see at local Fairs in the state of Pennsylvania.

In 2015 the farm was passed down to David Hoover, the son of Nancy. It was during a Christmas party in Shamokin, PA in December of 2011 that a 6-year-old little girl approached to view the deer and made a statement that these are not “real” Reindeer to David. Later that night David went home and googled “reindeer” online and that influenced the biggest change of the farm to evolve into a Reindeer farm. After three years of research and preparation, the first Reindeer came to Spruce Run Farm in May, 2015. A bull Reindeer named Spirit and a cow named Noni. 

The farm is currently home to 12 reindeer and various other farm animals ranging from chickens to Scottish Highland cows and Tibetan Yacks. These Reindeer are such magical animals that bring the Christmas spirit to the farm all year long. They can be seen yearly at local fairs, and community/business events around the tri-state area, all gearing up for their big night on Christmas eve.

In 2022 Spruce Run Farm has undergone some transitioning with the incorporation of the now third generation of grandchildren/children including Tiffany Spayd, Dylan Hoover and William Hoover and the creation of SRF Reindeer, inc. By the summer of 2025 we hope to have available a camping area and some Air B&B style cabins. As Spruce Run Farm continues to evolve, so does each generation of children and grandchildren who have the same fond memories of coming to the farm to visit Nan and Pap and seeing all the animals.    

*We currently do not allow visitors to the farm however this may change in the future.

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