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DESIGN: Simple white silicone made to fit our Vintage and Classic Illumination, Illuminaire, and 2-in-1 Warmers without detracting from the style of our home decor pieces.

SIMPLE HOME FRAGRANCE: Don’t worry about trying to scrape cold wax out of your warmer anymore! Add this to your dish every time for an easy wax-changing experience!

FEATURES: Made of silicone, which can be heated, reused and washed over and over again while remaining flexible.

USE: Place in warming dish, then add your favorite wax. Use warmer like normal. When you’re ready to change the fragrance, allow to cool and POP OUT the cold wax. Easy!

SPECS: 1.5″ tall, 2.8″ diameter at top, 2.4″ diameter at the base. Made of silicone. Silicone may take on dyes from wax, which is normal.

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